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Yo Tambien (Spanish Edition), by Theresa Jensen

Yo Tambien (Spanish Edition), by Theresa Jensen

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#Yo También

Cristina is a typical teenager who hangs out with her best friend Yessica and her boyfriend Dante. But Cristina has a secret, which turns into another. And another. When should she tell? And who can she trust? This level 1 reader is perfect for novices of high school age and above. 93% of the words are in the top 200 most common words in Spanish or are cognates.  A compelling read for level 1 and above, high school and older.

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A must read.

I read this. You and your students NEED to read this too. In fact, because it has a full glossary, I would argue you could give it to anyone to read (yes, it's that accessible!). The story is as beautiful as it is heart-wrenching. Three friends, two girls and a boy and a twist on the obvious love triangle.
The title alludes to the theme of the book. Rest assured that everything in the book is not only wholly appropriate for classrooms, but probably should be required reading for all Spanish language students.
And it will generate LOTS of discussion - what we want in language classes and conversations that we adults need to have with young people repeatedly.
Look at the title. Read it. Know it. And realize, just from the title, how it will be so helpful for continued conversations.
Theresa Jensen is perfect here - theme and language accessibility. 🧡📚😊😘

Lots to discuss!

I wish I were still in the classroom to teach this book. (I retired last year). Lots of opportunity for discussions with high school kids. So very much to discuss. So many interesting conversations, advice, confessions...WOW. I thought the story was so compelling, I could not stop reading!! It has the feel of a much higher-level book, but the language is simple and understandable. The topic is one that every HS kid knows about, thinks about, and will want to read about, even in a new language. Sex stuff handled in a very discreet way. The whole story was done tastefully. HIGHLY recommend for high school classes!

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