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Caras vemos (Spanish Edition) by Theresa Jensen

Caras vemos (Spanish Edition) by Theresa Jensen

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A girl wakes up in a park beaten and disoriented with no memory of who or where she is. Every face is unfamiliar, and all have a different story to tell. Who is the mysterious man? What happened to him? The more she learns, the less she knows what to believe or who to trust. The novel is set in beautiful Cuernavaca, known as the “city of eternal spring.” Cuernavaca is the capital of the state of Morelos, Mexico, just south of Mexico City. All of the places and businesses in this book are real. Experience everyday Mexican culture as the search for truth leads you around the city. Join her in a harrowing adventure to discover the secret of her past, and learn the meaning of "caras vemos, pero corazones no sabemos." Authentic culture is woven throughout narrative and in small side notes with illustrations throughout. TEACHERS GUIDE available on Teacherspayteachers.com at my store Storytime con Sra. Jensen. Novice High-Intermediate level.

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Anne Briotet
Keeps you on the edge of your seat!

While reading this I had to ask myself several times, "did that really just happen?" It is a suspenseful and intriguing story filled with unanticipated events. I could vividly imagine each scene as if watching a thriller film. I think any student of Spanish who starts reading this book will be hooked until the very last page!

Karen Rowan
Thriller in simple Spanish

Soooo fun! I just finished it. Theresa Caswell Jensen had me sitting there flipping pages rapidly for an hour trying to guess the end of the mystery. I did not guess right.... It’s a page turner. Students are really going to like this one.

John Sifert
Such a great suspenseful story!

Wow! This is yet another great book by Theresa Jensen. It is an amazing mystery that surprised me by how much plot and intrigue that Theresa can fit into just 13 chapters! The storyline will not let you put the book down. I had to extend a couple classes' FVR time because I wanted to keep reading myself! It will keep you and your students on edge because of how craftily the author builds the suspense at the core of the story. What a great read in any language!
Do your students a favor and add it to your classroom library now.

J. Degenhardt
Intriguing all the way through.

I loved reading this book! While I could not figure out the clues myself (has everything to do with my problem-solving skills and patience and NOT with the language!!!), readers will be intrigued and will continue to read to see if they can solve the mystery.
Theresa Jensen understands the language learner and the need to keep language accessible. But she also is very gifted in storytelling!

Mystery for novice high readers

This novel is written for Spanish learners, but it reads like a a high-level mystery, with plenty of twists and turns, making a compelling read for students. The chapters alternate the point of view from ÉL to ELLA...and you will not know who can be trusted until the end. A really fun read, where the reader forgets they are learning language and just want to see what happens next.

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