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Author Spotlight on Margarita Pérez García - Orión — author spotlight

Author Spotlight on Margarita Pérez Garcia Orión

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Author Spotlight on Margarita Pérez Garcia Orión

In 2020 I wrote Orión. It is a beautiful story told in alternating points of views about the Vargas Tragedy in Venezuela. The books is published by published by TPRS books. And if you are interested in getting a copy, I recommend buying Orión from CPLI Books. When you buy Orión through CPLI Books we donate 1$ to Joven Pride, a Venezuelan non-profit organisation fighting for the right to be different in order to live without fear in my country.  Orión is not a book on LGTBQ+ issues, so why have I teamed with Karen Rowan from CPLI Books me to make a...

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