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TPR Is More Than Commands - 4th Edition

TPR Is More Than Commands - 4th Edition

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TPR Is More Than Commands - At All Levels, 4th Edition

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How to go from zero to correct spoken fluency with TPR. Very practical, with many examples. In English with examples in various languages. For world language and ELL/ESL teachers alike.

Total Physical Response is generally thought to be only the use and performance of commands. And many consider it to be useful only at beginning levels of language acquisition. This book shows how Professor James Asher’s approach can be used to teach a variety of language skills and structures at all levels. Among the many very practical features are:

  • 7 ways to teach tenses and verb forms

  • How to develop fluency and connected discourse

  • Numerous examples in detail of how to bring about the natural acquisition of each of a variety of specific grammatical structures and of idioms and expressions

  • 4 basic types of TPR exercises

  • An introduction to Blaine Ray’s breakthrough TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling), by which students unfailingly achieve fluency appropriate to their level

  • Abundant practical tips and fine points of TPR

  • A variety of written exercises, including the extremely productive TPR Dictation

  • Overcoming problems that are typically encountered in the use of TPR

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