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Mosca, ¡¡Mosca!! Easy-to-read format, by Margarita Pérez Garcí

Mosca, ¡¡Mosca!! Easy-to-read format, by Margarita Pérez Garcí

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In La Bonanza, the biggest open-air landfill in Venezuela, lives Mosca. Mosca is a common fly with an uncommon problem: she is a one-eyed fly. Mosca is a fly that can't even fly straight! Mosca lives amid the garbage and collects trash for a living. But Mosca has a dream: she wants to be a great circus performer. 'Pathetic loser!' all the other insects say. Poor Mosca! But dreams are treasures... And sometimes we can find treasures in trash. Mosca, ¡¡Mosca!! is an easy Spanish reader using just 67 new vocabulary words plus a few that are similar in Spanish and English. It is written with the most frequent words in Spanish and is presented in an accessible and easy-to-understand format for maximum reading pleasure!

isbn 9780995121553

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Theresa Jensen
What's all the buzz about?

Another book about a fly has buzzed into my house! And it too stole my heart ❤️ He just has a dream and wait until you see how it all plays out. It might surprise you!! This book includes Venezuelan culture and is sooo easy to read, with lots of pictures, words in the margins, limited words and white space so it feels easy to read. I can’t wait to see what my Spanish 1s think when we do FVR next semester, God willing. Check out Soy yo, la mosca’s sister book: Mosca, ¡¡Mosca!!

Mosca dreams big

(Disclaimer: I work for Command Performance)
Last month we heard from 2 of our authors that they had gotten together and each had written a book about a fly. The books are completely unique. In Margarita Pérez García's book, Mosca is a clumsy fly who lives in a dump in Venezuela and dreams of performing in an insect circus. Mosca dares to dream big, and shows us that good friends help make our dreams come true. Easy-to-read with vocab support in the margins and great illustrations to aid comprehension.

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