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Los viernes de películas, by Kodi Rain and Tian Torrano

Los viernes de películas, by Kodi Rain and Tian Torrano

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Los viernes de películas is a story written in gender-inclusive Spanish with nonbinary characters by nonbinary authors, one of whom is from Montevideo, Uruguay, where the story takes place. 

Mar has five very close friends who they met when they were ten. Several years later the group of friends get together on Friday evenings to eat, converse, and watch movies. One of the friends, Tierra, doesn’t show up for two weeks in a row without letting anyone know, which is unusual. The group of friends try to figure out what is going on with Tierra and how to help.

illustrated by Cicada Abilene

Level 1-2, Novice-mid to novice-high Spanish

isbn 979-8321136478

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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful story!

I loved reading this story about friendship and taking care of each other. It was a wonderfully written story and I highly recommend it, I love that it takes place in Uruguay. It is great addition to your classroom library!

Theresa Jensen
Authentic representation, relatable story!

I was so delighted to read this simple yet powerful story. My students gravitate towards any of the books I have that help them and their friends of the LGBT community feel seen. However, so few are written by people who truly understand and identify with the characters on the pages. This book is unique in that every part of it was created by nonbinary people (both coauthors, the illustrator). Second of all, the main conflict in the story is one EVERYONE can identify with. Being LGBT is not the problem nor should it be the main focus of every story in which they are represented. As one of the authors writes, "We have lives and stories to tell beyond coming out, struggling, and explaining what it’s like to be queer."

It is such a simple, sweet story of true friends who look out for each other. When one friend isn't doing well, everyone else comes to the rescue. It shows how there is hope and help for anyone struggling with depression and grief without oversimplifying or trivializing it. The way they approach it is thoughtfully and with concern for their friend's autonomy, not in a bossy or patronizing way - a great model for young readers who aren't sure where to begin to help a friend. The authority and credibility of having a psychologist (who works with teens) co-write this book is apparent.

Overarching themes are of how friends are there for one another and how our friendships only deepen when we go through hard times together. Life isn't perfect, but it is better when we go through it together.

I am excited to get this lovely story into my library and to watch my students' faces light up!

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