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Le Beau Mensonge (La Classe Des Confessions #2) (French)

Le Beau Mensonge (La Classe Des Confessions #2) (French)

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Charles is having a bad day, and it's about to get worse. He leaves French class utterly embarrassed. He had no idea that the teacher was going to partner him up with Justine, the girl he actually writes about in his class essay. Adding insult to injury, the teacher reads his essay in front of the class, even the mean-spirited things he wrote about his teacher. After running into a few more problems in math class, he is faced with the big showdown in the lunchroom. Now, Charles has a difficult decision to make. However, a short story in French class may hold the key to all of his problems, and may ultimately lead to his biggest confession of all. Find out in “Le Beau Mensonge.”  LEVEL 1+ and above

isbn 9781721929399

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