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El Silbón de Venezuela, by Craig Klein Dexemple

El Silbón de Venezuela, by Craig Klein Dexemple

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El Silbón (The Whistler) is an intriguing novelette that first-year Spanish students can easily grasp. Written in the present tense, the book is based on a list of 650-plus nouns, verbs, adjectives, and common phrases covered in most beginning Spanish courses.El Silbón centers on Henry, a boy from small-town Minnesota with a charming fascination with all things cowboy. Unable to realize his dream of becoming a cowboy, Henry is despondent until he meets Ricardo, a schoolmate from the Venezuelan llanos—a great grassy plain extending from Venezuela and Colombia. Invited to visit Ricardo’s home in the llanos, Henry encounters a strange world with different foods like plantain bananas; different animals like capibaras, the world’s largest rodent; and the llaneros, the tough, hardy cowboys of the Venezuelan plains. But Henry’s innocent encounter with the exotic ends one night when he sees El Silbón, a tall, gaunt creature and one of the most feared ghosts in Venezuelan folklore.

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Carla Tarini
Great story!

This is the second book I’ve read by this author and I can’t wait to read all his other books. I was completely engaged in this eerie plot.


This story is seriously creepy! Each year one or two of my 6th grade students pick up this book, understand it, and enjoy it. The ending was scary!

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