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El Escape: Casi me mata el celular, a novel by A.C. Quintero

El Escape: Casi me mata el celular, a novel by A.C. Quintero

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Can an obsession with technology turn deadly? Federico and his friends have an insatiable desire to “capture” and “record” every memorable moment. However, not all memories are created equal, and these boys are about to discover this harsh reality. Against the advice of a town elder, these thrill-seeking “know-it-all” teenagers set out to film their usual pranks and upload them to Youtube; but this time they won’t get the last laugh. They stumble upon an incident that has the #danger, written all over it. Anxious to add to their video repertoire, they press record. Now they’ve become the ”victims” of a new crime thriller. There is no turning back. Federico and his friends must outsmart the bad guys, get “deleted” forever."El escape" will take students on a thrilling ride and compel them to contemplate the consequences on the other side of the "Record" button.

With a unique vocabulary of approximately 350 words, sprinkled with 19 illustrations, this high-interest level 3 (or 2nd Semester level 2) novel will have students on the edge of their seats. In addition to a plethora of cognates and grammatical structures recycled throughout the story, this novel also features vocabulary associated with family, relationships, and technology.

isbn 978-1981233489

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Virginia Hodges
Love this novel!

My students LOVE this novel and I love teaching this novel! The students can relate to the teenage characters and the plot keeps everyone engaged because it keeps twisting. I teach this in Spanish 3 and it's a wonderful way to keep the kids in suspense even til the end....it makes them think! One of my faves!

Engaging, compelling, couldn't put it down!

This is one of my very favorite books of hundreds I have for my Spanish 3 students to read. It is written in comprehensible language and is so GOOD!!! Many of the other novels are engaging and exciting but are cheesy and require suspension of disbelief. This is very realistic, but has so much adventure, excitement, drama, plot twists... you MUST read it for yourself! You and your students will love it!!!

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