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Alice La Liste (French edition), by Cécile Lainé.

Alice La Liste (French edition), by Cécile Lainé.

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When Alice, a girl who lives in the south of France, finds out she and her family are moving to Paris in a month, she is far from happy. Her friend suggests she makes a list of the most important things she wants to accomplish before she leaves. Alice writes four items on her list and sets off on a quest to discover what truly matters to her. 

Alice la Liste is part of a series, but each can be read independently of the others.  Check out related novels:  Khadra 63 rue d'Aubagne; and Camille: Le studio de danse

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Video Review by Theresa Jensen

isbn 97817416824

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Customer Reviews

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Brenda Crosby
Alice La Liste Beautiful story

I look forward to teaching using "Alice", "Khadra", and "Camille" next year in French 2 The story is realistic, thoughtful, touching", and I so love that the main character (as in "Khadra" and "Camille") is female. She is strong, intelligent, and faces real life challenges. Finally, a story in which the female is not the thief or the object of the white male gaze because of her brown body. The story naturally incorporates culture and history, which will make it easy to go beyond the story. I also love and am grateful for the Cultural Glossary, complete with pictures. Brilliant idea!

Theresa Jensen
Tough, compelling topics, authentic culture yet the STORY is central- BEAUTIFUL!

French teachers! Check out this amazing book by Cécile Lainé! She interweaves French culture seamlessly, as well is bringing home topics like immigration, racism, prejudice against Muslims, fair trade clothing (blanked on that term during the video!), as well as such relatable topics as divorce, parents making decisions about your life without consulting you, injuries that could ruin your dreams, and teen crushes.

I took 1 semester of French decades ago (although I AM a Spanish teacher) and understood everything with a little help from the glossary. What a beautiful story! I read it in one sitting - while my students did FVR in Spanish ;)

Teresa Torgoff
Very engaging

My level 3 and up French student really like this story. The characters are relatable and the story is engaging and easy to follow. It also provides a great depiction of Marseille.

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