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A.C. Quintero

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Are you learning Spanish? Do you wish you could read books that were at your proficiency level? Are you a Spanish or French teacher looking for relevant, diverse, and engaging books for your class? Well, you've come to the right page! I enjoy writing "aventuras" and the pages of my books are filled with them!

¡Ojo! These may not be your average run-of-the-mill novels. Your students will enjoy reading about classroom crushes gone awry, teachers "attempting" to play match-maker, best friends hopelessly trapped in the friend zone, and a thrilling sci-fi series "Las apariencias engañan. This series will put everyone's "pelos de punta!" Whether you are looking for engaging novels for your classroom, or are learning to speak Spanish, my novels can be a "perfect" place to start. Are your students ready to enter into "La clase de confesiones"? Beware, because everyone has a confession, even the teacher!

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