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Haokan shi bu gou de

Haokan shi bu gou de

$ 9.95

 Little knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is needed to read this book and to begin to acquire the language.
It is the second book in a series. The first book is Shéi hǎokàn?

Harry is a young American studying Mandarin in Beijing. Min-Jee, from Korea, is also studying Mandarin in Beijing. They meet and become friends. Harry calls his father and tells him about his new friend and how pretty she is, and Min-Jee tells her mom about her good-looking new friend. The parents are concerned and they decide to investigate, with surprising results. The story is given in pinyin (in Latin letters), which helps the reader with pronunciation, and also in both simplified and traditional Chinese. A glossary with notes is provided in the back of the book as well as an English translation of the story. Downloadable audio files of all seven chapters of the story are available below at no cost. Co-author Linda Li is the reader.


本书是“谁好看”系列丛书的第二册。 Harry是一位在北京学习普通话的年轻的美国人。Min-Jee,来自韩国, 也在北京学习普通话。他们在北京认识,并交上了了朋友。Harry打电话 给他的父亲,告诉父亲他有了一个新朋友,而且他的新朋友很漂亮。同时, Min-Jee也告诉了她的母亲她有了一个好看的新朋友。他们的父母亲都有 点担心,决定查个水落石出,但结果却令人吃惊和意外。 故事除了有拼音(拉丁字母)注音,可帮助读者的发音以外,还包括简体和繁 体中文。书的最后提供了词汇表、语法点以及英 语 翻 译 。 如 要 下 载 故 事 的 音 频 mp3文 件,请 见 网 站 以下您可免费下载本书每个章节的音频文件。为本书配音朗读的是作者之一 李翚(Linda Li)。

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