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Filomena está aburrida (b&w version), by T Jensen

Filomena está aburrida (b&w version), by T Jensen

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Being rich, attractive, having a happy family... it's the dream, right? Filomena is a teenager who wants for nothing. Her cup overflows, yet she is not happy. What she seeks -- what we all seek -- is not found in material things. We all want to use our talents and find our place in this world. This story is silly and over the top, but lessons MY students have walked away with are: "money doesn't solve all your problems," "my favorite part was when she did what she wanted and not what everyone expected her to do", "I want to be a mechanic but my parents want me to be a doctor. I like how Filomena's parents supported her talent." "I like how it shows women can do any job they want."

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isbn 979-87-0786-7330

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Nayka Barrios Jaén
Fun fun! a story with a message

"Filomena está aburrida" is fun and has an important moral in the story: you must find your passion and follow it to be happy. No matter how much $tuff you have, you won't be happy if you don't do what gives you satisfaction. My students enjoy the videos of the author's stories on her YouTube channel because they find that learning with stories is fun. Once I introduce them to the books, they go crazy and want to learn/read more stories. Teresa is a very talented writer and, also as an illustrator, she has the ability to capture her message and entertain the readers. Additionally, the colors are pretty, and the mate finished cover feels so good in your hands. ;-)

Este libro es muy bien!

Filomena Esta Aburrida es un libro muy bien! Me gusta el moral y los personajes. Filomena es muy cómica y es facil relacionar me con ella. Me gusta el moral “dinero no comprar felicidad”. Gracias Sra. Jensen!

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