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State of Mind in the Classroom

State of Mind in the Classroom

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State of Mind in the Classroom: Thought, Consciousness and the Essential Curriculum for Healthy Learning (Paperback)

State of Mind in the Classroom asserts three simple, fundamental principles that govern healthy learning, and the “caring and connectedness” from adults that are essential to childrens’ success in school, and life.

Writing from the heart, and their personal experiences over many decades, the authors draw on work in some of the most challenging schools and neighborhoods in the United States. They speak to the missing dimension in education: understanding and evoking both teachers and students capacities for wisdom, love, creativity and insight. This paradigm-shifting book helps educators get out of their own way to listen more closely to students (and more deeply to themselves) and appreciate how teachers, students, and administrators all create their own learning cultures from the fabric of thought. Beneath habits of negative, defeatist thinking, each child, and teacher, is always capable of fresh thinking, new learning and a deeper understanding of life itself. Teachers and students are, at core, loving and kind human beings, eager to learn new things. This book reveals the way to unleash that core.
ISBN 978-0-991613403
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