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We Learn English Through Action

We Learn English Through Action

This is the most basic book for students acquiring English with Total Physical Response (TPR), using commands given by the teacher and appropriate actions performed by students. It assumes no prior knowledge of English and provides students with the essential vocabulary needed for survival and success. All the material is presented first via TPR and listening comprehension.

The teacher’s book, Teaching English Through Action, gives full instructions for teaching with TPR and shows clearly when to introduce speaking, reading, writing and (later) spelling activities. All these skills are related and all are based on comprehension developed through TPR. Tests and grids for the Record of Mastery are in also the teacher's book, Teaching English Through Action.

The student book contains 10 thematic units, each with target vocabulary and complete lessons. Often two lessons can be covered in one class session. This is the book that the students hold in their hands. These are the words, commands, and sentences they will hear, see, speak, read and write, and later spell.

This book has proven to be most successful for grades 3–12 and for adults. Second-grade students who can read in their primary language can also use this book.

It is fun and effective for everyone, all students and every teacher!


Spiral-bound book

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