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Foreign Language - Spanish

El viaje de su vida

El viaje de su vida

The 4th novel in the easiest series of Spanish novels in existence—for 1st or 2nd year students. 16 year-old Carlos Ayala of Cincinnati, Ohio, goes on a cruise with his family from the U.S. to Yucatan. He is the only witness to the theft of an object of great monetary, cultural and personal value. The thief tries to kill him, but...

Not Available Currently. Please check back in October.

Paperback Book

ISBN 978-0-929724-49-2 ---------- $5.95

Audio book on CD

CD version of El viaje de su vida , entire text read aloud by native speakers with space to repeat out loud after each sentence.

ISBN 978-1-933814-75-9 ---------- $14.95

Video on DVD

ISBN 978-0-929724-84-3 ---------- $19.95

Songs from the video, on CD

The CD contains songs from the movies: , , El viaje de su vida and

ISBN 978-0-929724-79-9 ---------- $9.95

Activity Masters

A must for El viaje de su vida teachers. Now you finally have sub plans or homework activities for your students. Included are chapter-by-chapter questions, fill-in-the-blanks, crossword puzzles, word searches and other activities. These are single sheet reproducibles. A great value for your class.

ISBN 978-1-603720-25-0 ---------- $19.95