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Teaching English Through Action X
Teaching English Through Action
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Teaching English Through Action

by Berty Segal Cook

A comprehensive guide of 102 English lesson plans implementing the TPR (Total Physical Response) approach to teaching language. An excellent tool for teaching beginning and intermediate students of ANY age level. Ten thematic units contain the essential vocabulary needed for survival and success in English.

Each of the 10 thematic units contains:

  • A target vocabulary list for the unit.
  • 7 to 14 detailed lesson plans with review commands, new commands in the lesson and sample novel commands based on the new vocabulary in the lesson. Clear guidelines for conducting the lessons are provided. Vocabulary development is carefully controlled.
  • Review lessons -- vocabulary is reviewed at the end of each unit. Review lessons are also used as tests.
  • Record of mastery -- A Grid for recording Mastery, or need for further review, accompanies each Review Lesson. This provides a record of each student's progress and is helpful for reporting to parents, principal, etc.

A teacher's manual for student books is also included and contains extensive guidelines, ideas and samples.

Spiral-bound book

ISBN 978-0-938395-35-5 ---------- $23.95



A limited supply of this book is currently available. Command Performance will be publishing a new updated edition. If you would like up-to-date information, please click on CONTACT US and send us a message or phone us.

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