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Recurrent Action Grammar
Achieving ESL Acquisition in the TPR Classroom

by Elizabeth Kuizenga Romijn

What is Recurrent Action Grammar? Context and repetition! It is a method of repeating grammar lessons weekly during the semester, each time in a different context, in order to reinforce the grammar as well as the vocabulary of each new lesson.

Context: Recurrent Action Grammar uses contextual situations, often with props.

Repetition: Recurrent Action Grammar repeats the exercise of each grammar point in subsequent chapters, but each time in the context of the new vocabulary.

This book provides concrete instructions, complete with the context and repetition you will need to acquire the skill of using the Recurrent Action Grammar method. It can be used as a teacher’s resource guide for the Live Action English Interactive Workbooks (Romijn, 2005) which accompany the software by the same name. Never mind if you do not have computers available for your students. You can use the Workbooks without the software. This book and one of the two Workbooks is all you need to implement Recurrent Action Grammar in your classroom.

Your students will love it and so will you!

Paperback book

ISBN 978-1-603720-38-0 ---------- $22.95

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