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Foreign Language - Spanish

Pobre Ana
¡Mírame, puedo cantar más!

¡Mírame, puedo cantar! y
¡Mírame, puedo cantar más!

Look, I Can Sing! with Look, I Can Sing More!

Amusing, catchy, easy-to-teach original songs by Gale Mackey enliven any Spanish course at any level and any age (especially high school and Middle school)! Students love them and teachers do too! Every song tells a zany story and every story is a song version of a story in Blaine Ray's and Joe Neilson's first- and TPR Storytelling books; e.g., the lucky guy who survives every catastrophe and comes out smiling; the girl who can't get a date because she smells so bad buy nobody wants to tell her; perseverance at the Doggie Olympics; and much more!

The CD contains 24 songs, 15 with lyrics and 9 just instrumentals. The students can sing the lyrics and can also make up their own lyrics. Included with the CD is a printed insert with the lyrics in Spanish. Vocals are by Gale Mackey, guitar by Steve Mackey, rhythm/percussion by Pete Butler.

The book gives:

  1. detailed instructions that will give confidence to even the most non-musical of teachers
  2. a step-by-step explanation of how to help students internalize the vocabulary
  3. reproducible lyrics in Spanish
  4. a reproducible Spanish-English vocabulary list for each song
  5. a reproducible written and oral vocabulary exercises.

CD with printed lyrics

ISBN 978-0-929724-53-9 ---------- $17.95Add to cart

CD with printed lyrics and the
corresponding workbook

ISBN 978-0-929724-31-7 ---------- $27.95Add to cart