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Foreign Language - Spanish

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Enseñando y aprendiendo español por medio de la acción ensenandoYaprendiendoCover Enseñando y aprendiendo español por medio de la acción
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Enseñando y aprendiendo español por medio de la acción

This book is a combination of two books:

  1. A comprehensive guide of daily lesson plans implementing the Total Physical Response (TPR) approach to Spanish as a Foreign Language. It is an excellent tool for teaching beginning and intermediate students of ANY AGE level.

  2. Student lessons for reading and - when students are ready to begin speaking comfortably - for practice in speaking.

There are TEN THEMATIC UNITS which contain the essential vocabulary needed for survival and success in Spanish. Each unit contains:

  1. A LIST OF TARGET VOCABULARY This is an overview of the words which will be taught via commands in the lessons of the unit.

  2. DAILY LESSON PLANS (There are 102 in total.) A step-by-step detailing of exactly what commands are to be presented. TPR is a euphoric experience for both teachers and students. It is important to have the commands you plan to use at your fingertips in order to remain "in command of the situation" (pardon the pun). Using these specific directions, you will have control as well as enjoyment.

    Available FREE. If link is not working go to www.cpli.net/aprendemospruebas/

  4. RECORD OF MASTERY A grid for recording mastery (or need for further review) with each Unit Test/Review Lesson. It can serve as a small group (pull-out) grid or as a large group (entire class) grid. This provides a record of each student's progress and is helpful to teachers and resource teachers for reporting to parents, principal, aide, etc. Free with unit tests/review lessons.


Paperback book

ISBN 978-0-938395-26-3 ---------- $23.95

To view the unit PDFs above, you may need Adobe Reader

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