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Foreign Language - Spanish

Isabela captura un congo book cover Page 1 of the book Isabela captura un congo
Pages 22 and 23 of the book Isabela captura un congo Page 32 of the book Isabela captura un congo
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Isabela captura un congo book cover Isabela captura un congo book cover
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Isabela captura un congo

Book 2 for True Beginners

Isabela Huffman is a precocious 9½ year-old girl who finds herself tangled up in trouble again while travelling to Costa Rica with her mother. “I don’t cause problems!” Isabela insists. “Problems find me.” Isabela and her friend Daniel devise a plan to capture and train a howler monkey. When their antics cause a baby monkey to shock himself on an electrical wire and fall from a tree, Isabela and Daniel are in a race against the clock to try to save his life before it’s too late.

Isabela captura un congo is the second novel in the Fluency Fast series for true beginners. It uses a vocabulary of only 350 words to tell a 3500-word story. It is repetitive and simple and uses many cognates to make the book comprehensible to beginning adults and children.

Paperback book

ISBN 978-0-9824687-1-5 ---------- $5.95

Audio Book on CD

CD version of Isabela captura un congo, entire text read aloud by native speakers with space to repeat out loud after each sentence.

ISBN 978-0-9824687-7-7 ---------- $14.95

Isabela captura un congo Guía para maestros (Teacher's Guides)

  • Video clips of howler monkeys in Costa Rica
  • 221 photos from Costa Rica
  • A 10-minute video scrapbook written and photographed by "Isabela"
  • Suggestions for teaching and props
  • Printable book illustrations and blackline masters
  • Cultural information
  • Experiential Education suggestions (how to design and build the bridge described in the book, recipes, more)
  • Reader's Theater directions (scenes to act out)
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Activities for more comprehensible input

ISBN 978-0-982468-75-3 ---------- $19.95