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Foreign Language - French

Les Aventures d'Isabelle

Les Aventures d'Isabelle

Isabelle is a 8½ year-old girl who can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble on a visit to Paris with her mother. She wants to be the president when she grows up. Or a ballerina. Or the president and a ballerina. She’s dramatic. She sings on the subway, eats screams like a baby after eating a cheese that is too strong, and convinces her mom to buy new shoes for a big family. No matter how often her mom asks her to sit down like a normal little girl, she just can’t help getting up to take more pictures of her adventures. When will Isabela ever sit down?

Les Aventures d'Isabelle is a Fluency Fast novella for true beginners. It uses a vocabulary of only 230 words to tell a 2300-word story. It is repetitive and simple and uses many cognates to make the book comprehensible to beginning adults and children.

Paperback book

ISBN 978-0-982468-74-6 ---------- $5.95

Audio book on CD

CD version of Les Aventures d'Isabelle.The entire text read aloud by a native speaker.

ISBN 978-0-982468-79-1 ---------- $14.95