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Under Attack: The Case Against Bilingual Education

Under Attack:
The Case Against Bilingual Education

Stephen Krashen, professor emeritus at the University of Southern California, provides empirical evidence in support of good bilingual education, describing the basic components that make it successful. He takes up various questions which opponents of bilingual education have raised, showing that the overwhelming preponderance of research clearly counters the arguments most commonly made against it. Among the questions this book deals with are:

  • Does the research show that bilingual education doesn’t work? (No)
  • Is English in trouble? (No)
  • Are most parents and teachers against bilingual education? (No)
  • Will bilingual education work for languages other than Spanish? (Yes)
  • What about those who succeed without bilingual education?
  • Is bilingual education good for English? (Yes)
  • Can bilingual education be improved? (Yes)

Paperback book

ISBN 978-09652808-2-2 ---------- $15.00