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TPR Storytelling

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TPR Storytelling is an outgrowth of Total Physical Response. Blaine Ray was experimenting with TPR in about 1987 when he hit upon what has become TPR Storytelling. The essence of the storytelling part of it is thorough ingraining of vocabulary and grammatical features of a story to enable learners to produce it. As they acquire more and more new language in this way, they become more and more fluent in the language. TPRS, as it is commonly known, has a large and enthusiastic following among language teachers. They are getting results far beyond any they have been able to achieve with other approaches. TPRS has been gradually evolving in small ways, becoming ever more efficient and effective.

The Command Performance Language Institute publishes only a small portion of the materials available for TPR Storytelling. We encourage teachers to check out the following websites:

For all aspects of TPRS:
     Blaine Ray Workshops: www.blainerayTPRS.com
Especially for primary school and middle school:
     TPRS Publishing: www.tprstorytelling.com

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